Dec 31, 2009

Pictures of Earth from Satellite

These are a few pictures taken by a satellite orbiting the Earth, on a cloudless night.

Below is picture of Europe. Night is falling and the pic shows lights on in Paris and Barcelona. Meanwhile in London, Lisbon and Madrid, the sun is still visible.

Looking South, we can see the islands in the middle of the ocean. We have a perfect view of the British Island, Iceland and Canada (left).

The next photo, taken by a satellite shows night time falling on Brazil. The third image, is the same photo with some enhancements of colours to better show the lights.

The next two pictures show North America.

Next picture shows South of the Iberic Peninsula, a sandstorm leaves North Africa.

The picture below shows Strait of Gibraltar.

The pic below captured The Swiss Alps and Lake Leman

Below is the beautiful Iceland.

The Black Sea -

And the Red Sea -

We have just one planet. Please preserve it.
Please, pass this message on so everyone can be aware of the treasure we're all standing on.

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